Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Center or CCAgr (Chinese: 加拿大-中国农业与食品发展交流中心) is an organization based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. CCAgr was created in 2008 concerned about cultural, language, technical skills and regulatory system limitations in this exchange and cooperation. The organization is comprised of Canadian government sponsored management advisory team and Canada –China agri-food experts.

Mandate: • to promote and assist agriculture and food cooperation in trade, investment, training, partner-march and technology transfer; • to strengthen greater agro-food economic and employment growth and a closer relationship between Canada and China in agri-food industries. • to provide practical and professional assistance to agri-business; • to be the voice of the Canadian agro food business community on matters of Canada-China relations, both to government and to the public at large.

Background China has been described as an emerging economic super power[2] and the growing purchasing power of its continually expanding middle class is a well documented feature of the countries economy. These facts have made the Chinese market place for high quality and added value agricultural products a growing area of interest and an area that many economist have described as a missed boat for developed countries like Canada.China has not been able to facilitate the growth and advancement of the agriculture sector fast enough to ensure that consistently high quality food products are available for the ever increasing middle class.Furthermore, scandals such as the melamine tainted milk products, that resulted in the death of several infants, has served to increased the size of the market for food products produce in developed countries with high safety and quality control standards. This market is a blooming one and persons involved in agricultural endeavors would do well to investigate the areas available for growth.

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[1] CCAgr Website (English) [2] CCAgr Website (Chinese)