Tenniscontact Edit


Tenniscontact is a free, communautary website developped by volunteers launched the 06th of january 2009. The main aim is to help people find tennis partners. Many features are available to help you meet other tennis players and play tennis with them: forums, chat, ads, research. The website includes as well a tennis database to find tennis over the world and give your opinion about them.

As the website wants to build up a communauty and that the purpose of a community is to share things together, tenniscontact really appreciates that you give your feedback and ideas. It can be just to give your opinion about a feature, report a bug or propose an idea for a new feature. Every member can vote for what you say. Tenniscontact will focus on offering you the services you need.

It takes just a few seconds to register and become a member of the community. Why not giving it a try?